Completing your application in five steps

Submitting an application to the AFK is not complicated. The form consists of various questions about your project, your objectives and the financing. In addition, we would like to receive a clear project plan, a detailed budget, the CV of the artists involved and a communication plan. Below is a description of the five steps needed to fill in the application form.

Step 1: Formal criteria

First, you answer a number of questions to see if you qualify for a financial contribution from the AFK. We need to know if you are already receiving a grant, how much you will contribute yourself, and which part of the Scheme you are applying to for funds.

Step 2: About the project

Here you answer a number of questions about your project: how big is it, when and where will it take place, and how many people do you think it will reach? Under the section 'project goals', you can tell us about your aims and expectations.  The more specific your answers are, the better.

Step 3: About you

We want know who you are. Who or what is making this application: an organisation, a private individual (or a natural person in the legal sense), or a one-man business? Do you have a governing board, who is on that board, and who are its directors?  In short: everything that makes it clear exactly who is requesting the subsidy.

Step 4: Finances

An important part of your application is how you translate the artistic plan into a well-balanced, realistic budget. We would like to see a complete financial overview, which shows how the project will be funded, and where your own contribution (a minimum 25% of the total budget) will come from. Your answers will automatically lead to a financial analysis on the digital application form. You will have a chance to upload your budget with accompanying explanation in one of the final steps when filling out the form.

Step 5: Attachments

Finally, the application must contain a clear project plan.  Here you describe your plans and their implementation in a clear and inspiring way, in terms that are as concrete as possible. As attachments to the project plan, we need to receive relevant documentation of earlier work, as well as concrete insights into the not-yet realized activities. Do this by including sketches, designs, compositions, scenarios etc. Your plan must also show attention to communications, including your plans for the use of the press, social media and other partners in Amsterdam. When applying for a contribution higher than € 25,000, or if the costs of the estimated project budget are higher than € 100,000, you must also upload a separate audience and communication plan.