Drop-In Consultations

►PAY ATTENTION: Due to the measures around Covid-19, the Drop-in Consultation will take place in digital form from June. Read this page for more info or go to the FAQ.

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PAY ATTENTION: The Drop-In Consultation is meant for applicants who have not yet come into contact with the AFK previously. This allows applicants to apply for a grant in a more informal setting. Applicants who have received a grant from the AFK before – as an individual or on behalf of an organisation – are unfortunately not eligible for the Drop-In Consultation.

During the Drop-in Consultation, applicants have a chance to explain their project plan in person. The applicant will receive a decision about his or her project from the AFK within one week.

Drop-in Consultations are open to amateur artists, organisations or institutions, as well as professional artists, organisations or institutions. Before putting together the project plan that will be the subject of your Drop-in Consultation, please read carefully:

  • the scheme (Amateur / Professional)
  • Explanatory Notes on the Scheme (Amateur / Professional)
  • Guidelines When Applying (Amateur / Professional).

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During the Office hours, the applicant explains his submitted project plan orally in a 30-minute conversation. The AFK will decide on the contribution in the short term.

PLEASE NOTE: For the Drop-in Consultation you need to make a project plan and a corresponding correct budget plan. In your project plan, you must also devote attention to the marketing and communication for the project. We need this in order to be prepared for your visit during the consultation.



Registration datesSubmission data formDrop-in consultation
5 januari 202111 januari 202126 januari 2021
27 januari 20218 februari 202123 februari 2021
24 februari 202115 maart 202130 maart 2021
31 maart 202111 april 202126 april 2021
27 april 202110 mei 202125 mei 2021
26 mei 202114 juni 202129 juni 2021
30 juni 202112 juli 202127 juli 2021
28 juli 202116 augustus 202131 augustus 2021
1 september 202113 september 202128 september 2021
29 september 202111 oktober 202126 oktober 2021
27 oktober 202115 november 202130 november 2021
1 decemberTo be announcedTo be announced

The number of registrations for the Drop-in Consultation is high. A registration therefore offers no guarantee of participation. If you want to be sure that your application will be processed, do not apply via the Drop-in Consultation, but via the regular procedure. Here you will find an overview of the regular subsidy options.

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Rudy Chotoe
Teammedewerker Muziek & Muziektheater en Theater & Dans
Nienke Gademan
Teammedewerker Visuele Kunsten & Erfgoed en Letteren, Cultuureducatie & Cultuurmakers

This is the team within this subsidy. For questions about project subsidies, please contact the team leader. Do you have questions about your project application? Please contact one of the staff members. Furthermore, advisers are also involved in this subsidy.