3Package Deal

The aim of the 3Package Deal is to encourage and assist exceptional talent with affordable living and working spaces, development budget and a network. This successful programme from the AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen (BBp) in association with 35 renowned Amsterdam arts institutions is now considered an example of best practices in the field of talent development. In April 2015, the first group of national and international top talent showed the audience and members of the press in a full Compagnietheater just how they had developed their talents and themselves. The first 3Package Deal 'E-zine' was released in June: a digital magazine full of interviews, images and reports about the development of the participating artists. The group of participants from 2015 made a presentation to coalition partner Mediamatic on 30 September, and a second E-zine was launched. In the 2017-2020 Hoofdlijnen Kunst en Cultuur (Main Ambitions of the Municipal Arts and Cultural Policy), the 3Package Deal was cited as an effective instrument in promoting excellence, and the AFK has been asked to expand the programme starting from 2016.