Bijlmer Bajes Bios

March 17, 2017

The Bijlmerbajes Bios is organising it's first movie night in the former Bijlmerbajes, in cultural space Lola Lik. They are working with a cinema team of refugees that will be trained to programme and host their own filmnights in the canteen of Lola Lik. The organisation collaborates with EYE Filmmuseum, IDFA, IFFR and Taartrovers.  


16 hrs opening Keet on the courtyard with cake, lemonade, coffee and tea
17 hrs movie for children in Lola Lik canteen on the 2nd floor 
18 hrs food and drinks in Lola Lik canteen
19 hrs movie (16+) in Lola Lik canteen programmed by cinema team