Boeklancering 'Noir' - Martine Stig

December 15, 2016

Boeklancering en gesprek met Flip Bool, Martine Stig en Hans Gremmen + vertoning van ‘Noir’.

"A paper glass + a girl’s back. A roof shade + a hand on a handrail + a sign on a ground. A girl looking down + a bag in a hand + the tops of buildings + a man lying on a ground. Even if the photographic subjects look simple, to identify them through words seems almost impossible. Monosyllabic naming doesn’t work either. Photographs, like cinematic shots do not resemble words nor sentences.” — Daria Tuminas, uittreksel van ‘Eye + Water =’, een tekst die bij de publicatie ‘Noir’ is geschreven.

15 december
Bradwolff Projects