Textile Initiative

Julina Bezold & Samira Vogel
Julina Bezold & Samira Vogel
June 15, 2024 — July 13, 2024

​It is almost the season of Textile Initiative! An event series that welcomes everyone to experiment and engage with textile crafts. The programme unfolds across five events with workshops, performances, and readings that expand on the topic of textile while weaving in other practices relating to tradition, preservation, ecology, technology, routine, and productivity. 

Textile Initiative is organised and facilitated by artists Dasha Golova and Bronwen Jones and will feature the projects of 13 artists, designers, writers, and researchers: Lieke Wouters, Matilda Kenttä, Suzanne Bernhardt, Sasha Van Aalst, Romy Day Winkel, Meghan Clarke, Ellen Yiu, Miriam Del Seppia, Masha Maroz, Elena Braida, Inês Quierós, Samira Vogel and Julina Vanille Bezold.

It will take place across five consecutive weekends in different locations around Amsterdam, including De Steek, Fruittuin van West, Zone2source, I can change the world with my two hands, and Kas Keerweer, between 15 June – 13 July 2024. We invite you to join us to experiment and play, learn new techniques and lesser-told histories, share stories, engage with the properties of nature and our surroundings, and meet new people, each time in a different community-based location in Amsterdam.

Saturday 15 June


Reweaving & Unpicking

Lieke Wouters & Matilda Kenttä

De Steek



Opening drinks!


De Steek

Saturday 22 June


Weaving & baking: entangled routines

Suzanne Bernhardt & Sasha van Aalst

Fruittuin van West (Raathuis)

Saturday 29 June


Miniature Quilt-making Workshop

Ellen Yiu

Zone2source (Orangerie)



Performance: Between Was And Am 

Meghan Clarke

Zone2source (Orangerie)



Performance: ]bracket

Romy Day Winkel

Zone2source (Orangerie)

Sunday 7 July


The Garden of Delights ~ Botanical Dyeing Workshop

Miriam Del Seppia & Masha Maroz

I can change the world with my two hands

Saturday 13 July


Playing with Ivy

Elena Braida, Inês Queirós, Julina Bezold & Samira Vogel

Kas Keerweer



Finissage drinks!


Kas Keerweer


Het AFK ondersteunt Textile Initiative met een projectsubsidie.

Datum: 15-06-2024 t/m 13-07-2024
Locatie: Diverse locaties, o.a. De Steek, Fruittuin van West en Zone2Source.
Meer informatie: linktr.ee/textileinitiative