Completing the application form in 5 steps

Project applications are submitted to the AFK digitally via our website. After you have created a 'Mijn AFK' account and are logged in, the application process can begin. You can get an idea of what to expect from the application form from the five steps listed below.

Step 1: Formal criteria

First, you must answer some questions to find out if your project is eligible for financial support from the AFK. We need to know which scheme you're applying for, and whether or not you already receive structural funding in the form of a subsidy from the Arts and Culture Memorandum or from the national government. We will also need reassurance that your project will not take place within our three-month processing period, and if you are able to cover the required 25% ‘own income.’

Step 2: About the plan

Here you will need to answer some questions about your plan: which artistic disciplines are involved, how many activities are planned, where and when will the project take place, and how many people will it reach? We will also ask you to state your intended goals and expectations. The more specific your answers are, the better. You will also be required to provide a brief summary of your project in 300 words or less.

Step 3: About the applicant

We need to know who you are. Who or what is making this application: an organisation, a private individual, or the sole-proprietor of a business ('eenmanszaak')? Do you have a governing board, who is on that board, and who are its directors? In short: we need to know everything that pertains to who exactly is requesting the subsidy.

Step 4: Finances

An essential part of your application is how you translate your artistic plans into a realistic, balanced budget. For this reason, we ask you to estimate the expenses you think of will make, and the amount of public and private revenues you hope to receive. Your answers will automatically be turned into a financial analysis on the digital application form. Please note: The application form only allows room for a brief summary of your budget. At the end of the application form, you will be required to upload your complete budget with an accompanying explanation.

 Step 5: Attachments

As a final step in your application process, you will need to upload all the required documents. First, the project plan. The project plan, along with the budget, is the most crucial component of your application. In your project plan, describe the activities you want to carry out and explain the concrete strategy.

In the budget you submit, you need to list the expected expenditures and revenues, and justify the most important budgetary items. Try to be as specific as possible.

Please attach to the project plan any other documentation from previous work you think might be relevant, as well as a concrete implementation plan for your intended project. This can include design sketches, compositions, scenarios, video and sound material, declarations of intent, etc. Brief CVs of the artistic, administration and production teams involved are a standard part of any application.

In your project plan, or in a separate communication plan, you must also devote attention to the marketing and communication for the project. When applying for financial support exceeding € 25,000, or if the costs of an estimated project budget are higher than € 100,000, you must also upload a separate marketing and communication plan.

In conclusion

Are you having trouble completing the form?  In the column to the left of the form, you can see if you’ve filled in everything correctly. Don't forget to click on the: agree and save button at the bottom of each page. On the last page of the form, after you have reviewed the summary of your application, click on the 'send' button.