Anthony Nestel

Visual artist Anthony Nestel (1987, Antwerp) moved to Tel Aviv in 2008, in order to follow a Bachelor of fine arts at the Minshar School of Arts.  In 2010 Nestel came to Amsterdam to follow the same Bachelor program at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Starting from 2013, Anthony Nestel took part in the De Ateliers post-academic programme for the arts, which he completed successfully in 2015. 

Following his graduation, Anthony became the first artist-in-residence of AVL-Mundo, an initiative of Atelier van Lieshout. Nestel's work is frequently exhibited both nationally and internationally. One of his most recent expositions was at Art Rotterdam, where he presented a preview of the work that he is developing at AVL-Mundo. 

Anthony Nestel is an artist who translates the ideas, questions and problems that he encounters as an individual into a broader social framework. He examines these subjects in a journalistic manner, as objectively as possible. In this, Nestel himself functions as both the object and the main point of the research. 

Engaged Art Coalition

Anthony Nestel is part of the Engaged Art Coalition, formed by De Ateliers, Veem House for performance, and De Balie. They have called Nestel's work in the area of subject and in its visual appearance idiosyncratic, inspiring and daringly awe-inspiring. ‘The themes this artist touches upon (such as inclusion and exclusion, fundamentalism, and sectarianism) are current, complex, painful, and frequently hopeless in nature.