Junadry Leocaria

Junadry Leocaria (1985, Willemstad) has been working as a professional dancer for more than 10 years. For eight of those years she was part of the famous urban dance collective ISH, and she has also performed with the urban company Don't Hit Mama, in which freestyle and showform are blended. She is part of the all female crew of Femme Lethal and House of Vineyard, the first European house in the so-called 'Ballroom Vogue scene.’ In recent years, she has developed her own dance practice independently as a choreographer, coach, and teacher. 

Leocaria is a crucial figure within the world of urban dance theatre, and she presents a striking image. In her choreography, she searches for an organic way to create a unified form by combining divergent styles. Her speciality is 'waacking': a style of dance emerging from the underground LGBT club scene in Los Angeles. This is a style that plays with personalities, emotions and facial expressions, and is strongly influenced by film stars and fashion models. In her workshops, Leocaria also places an emphasis on the expressive aspects of dance. 

Dance Coalition

Junadry Leocaria is part of the Dance Coalition. This Coalition is made up of Don't Hit Mama, Frascati, Dansmakers and the Academy of Theatre and Dance . With the help of the 3Package Deal, Leocaria plans to do extensive research in aid of developing her own dance vocabulary. In this way, she hopes to be able to make the switch from performer to choreographer.  She also plans to travel to such places as Nairobi in order to deepen her knowledge of African dance rituals.

In this film clip, Junadry Leocaria talks about the different styles of dance and demonstrates how they look: