Laurent-David Garnier

Laurent-David Garnier was trained as a perfume maker at the ISIPCA, a school for fragrance, cosmetics and flavours, where he received a Master of Chemistry. He subsequently worked as a perfumer at the IFF (International Fragrance and Flavors).  In 2015 Garnier received his Master of Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Garnier's stated goal is to continue to develop his artistic practice as an 'olfactive artist'. Within this practice he uses fragrance to examine the shared interactions experienced in public and private spaces. According to Garnier, fragrances contain institutional codes and conventions. Previous works consist of an anechoic (soundproofed) fragrance chamber, as well as the tailor-made, perfume-like cocktails he created for 'Lost & Found' the monthly experimental-art evenings that have taken place throughout Amsterdam since 1997.

Visual Art Coalition II

Laurent-David Garnier is part of the Visual Art II Coalition. This Coalition consists of the Stedelijk Museum , the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten  and the Kunstverein. Garnier has plans to conduct research into his own ancestors, whose roots can be traced back to the French naval officer, Pierre Loti. Loti's famous dinner of 1888 will form the departure point for a floating exhibition on a container boat, in which fragrance will play an important role.