Hilda Moucharrafieh

Coalition: Public Playground 

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Hilda Moucharrafieh has a background in design and scenography practices with a focus on collaborative ways of working. She works through performance and performative structures under the operating name The NarrativeCollective. Her current interest revolves around the social organisation of time and economic structures governing our perception of life through the lens of death.

In thinking about capitalism as a life system and its interest in ‘life value’, two entities are investigated: life insurance policies and in-case-of-emergency procedures. The research project attempts to write movements based on algorithms used by life insurance companies, and in advised body positions for in-case-of-emergency situations. How does an algorithm price our life depending on the time of death while also protecting us from possible death scenarios? Through this, we try to understand how data collection and algorithms are influencing our very movements, our perception of life and our agency towards it.

Over The NarrativeCollective

The work of The NarrativeCollective opens discussions about subjectivities of performing the self through decontextualisation and recontextualisation of identities in subjective histories and contemporary narratives. The work is generally manifested through performance art and video installations.