About the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)

The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) invests in the arts which enrich the experience of life in the city of Amsterdam. The AFK encourages the quality, dynamism and diversity of the arts in Amsterdam, and contributes to the city's strong and richly varied cultural climate. The fund is available to all disciplines within the cultural sector, for cultural organizations and artists. The AFK supports both experimentation and proven quality, established organizations and those that are relatively new, the professional arts and amateur arts - from every district of the city.

As a metropolitan cultural fund, the AFK offers support to high-quality cultural activities, it functions as a booster for the arts within the city, and is an investor in a sustainable future for the cultural sector.

Subsidies and special activities

The AFK’s tools for implementing Amsterdam's cultural policy consist of schemes for multi-year grants as a component of the 2017-2020 Kunstenplan (Arts and Culture Memorandum) as well as schemes for one-off grants. In addition, the AFK initiates special activities which focus attention on proven quality and stimulate talent development and innovation within the sector, such as the Amsterdam Prize for the Arts and the 3Package Deal for outstanding international talent.

AFK policy 2017 - 2020

Artistic cross-pollination, entrepreneurship, reaching out to increase audiences and improve visibility in all districts of the city; a strong cultural sector anticipates the city's every move.  The AFK encourages this by supporting high-quality cultural activities, investing in a sustainable future for the cultural sector, and allowing room for the unexpected.

More information about our principles, the choices the AFK makes and the associated regulations and schemes are available in the 2017-2020 AFK programme of policy (Dutch only). 

The AFK receives financial support from the municipality of Amsterdam.

Available amounts

AFK 2017-2020 subsidy budgets, per year:

Total provisions for 2017-2020

Four-year subsidies € 21.4 million

Two-year subsidies € 1.0 million

Project subsidies for innovation € million

Total AFK subsidies for this Kunstenplan (Arts and Culture Memorandum) € 23.9 million

Project subsidies for Professional Arts € 5.6 million

Cultural Participation € 1.2 million

Scheme for Waarderingssubsidies (Basic Subsidies for Amateur Organizations), € 0.7 million

Amsterdam Prize for the Arts (Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst) € 0.1 million

AFK total project subsidies € 7.6 million

AFK total  € 31.5 million