De Maan en de Vogels

11 december 2021

iso amsterdam invites you to “De Maan en de Vogels” a shadow theatre for children by Constance Hinfray.

Easing into the winter months, iso amsterdam is excited to invite children of all ages and parents to join for a shadow theatre. “De Maan en de Vogels” is a performance that tells the story of two geese, inspired by the characters Papagena and Papageno from Mozart’s Magical Flute, as well as the ornithological phenomenon of the migration of birds. The shadow theatre will begin at 15:00 and is be presented simultaneously in both English and Dutch.

Preceding the performance, there will be a paper workshop hosted by the artist at the start of the day from 10:00 to 11:30. 
Free on reservation: mail to 

Datum: 11-12-2021
Locatie: ISO Amsterdam, Isolatorweg 17
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