Lullaby for a Slow Apocalypse

12 augustus 2022 — 13 augustus 2022

Immerse yourself in this barren landscape. It is inviting despite its emptiness, warm wind blowing, wind chimes sounding through the space. There are mirrored UV screens, the material we used to place on windows to protect ourselves from the sun. Colors and textures dance and dabble the space. They’re images of our past world. A glistening and smokey cloud hangs above our heads.

“Uncompromisingly experimental, yet seductively accessible. Like Björk on a good day.” - Beatradar

Inspired by an article by Katerina Sidorova, Lullaby for a Slow Apocalypse questions the lore, literature, and eyes through which we predict the end of the world. What if the current depiction of our end as a singular event, fiery and full of violence is wrong? What if the apocalypse is not a singular dramatic event but rather a glacial paced change? What if we reframe the apocalypse from the matriarchal perspective? What if it's soft, warm, gentle? Yes it can still be scary but we can be comforted on the journey.

Datum: 12-08-2022 en 13-08-2022
Locatie: MACA (Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam)
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