Mezrab Storytelling School

29 juni 2017

Mezrab Storytelling School 


De Mezrab Storytelling School is een opleiding voor professionele vertellers. Na een fulltime driemaanden cursus studeren er op 29 en 30 juni 2017 acht studenten af met ieder een eindpresentatie van 25 minuten bij Podium Mozaiek. Wat kun je verwachten van deze vertellers? Ze laten je zien dat storytelling een ware kunstvorm is, ze nemen je mee in hun persoonlijke verhalen en mixen deze geruisloos met volksverhalen, muziek, spoken word en video. Deze nieuwe lichting vertellers laten jou alle hoeken van storytelling zien, en laten je hopelijk vol inspiratie achter.

Per avond staan er vier vertellers geprogrammeerd.
Alle verhalen zijn in het Engels.

Zie ook de website van de Mezrab Storytelling School voor meer informatie. 


Resilience in the Netherlands is how to cope with a boss, in Palestine how to cope with oppression. During his travels, Benji van Beurden discovered that instead of more scientific research, stories is what the world needs. He closed his laptop and continued with a notebook. His notebook is filled with the glimpses we shouldnt rush past. Rooted in reality, twisting through the unexpected, Benji delivers those glimpses. You just sit and listen. Easy? No. But when balancing on the edge, there is no easy answer. On stage, Benjis performances vary from poetry on music and spoken word, to telling folktales and true stories.

Dutch-born storyteller Floor Soesbergen likes to mix myths, legends, with true stories and presents them with poetic fury. Her librarian mother fed her words and tales whereas her spiritual father told her about places where words dont suffice. Floor graduated with an M.A. in English literature and worked as a high school teacher for six years. Yet, with every ring of the school bell she became a little smaller. Before the school was out for the summer, she had taken her stories out of the classroom.

Ever heard of a Japanese man who can speak Hebrew? Terra (Norihiro Terazawa) is a nature farmer and storyteller. The descendant of a samurai and a pig farmers son. After completing a BA degree in Japan, he was trained as an actor and storyteller in Israel and Europe and wanders in three different continents. His personal quest led him to use storytelling to confront sadness and use it to transformation. Terra tells unheard and unexpected stories, always with lightness and a cheeky smile.

Milda Varnauskaite is a Lithuanian storyteller. She performs in various places across the Netherlands and Lithuania aiming to bridge Eastern Europe with the West. For grown ups and for children. Milda enjoys telling various stories from the Baltic region blending it with stereotypes about her origin and seasoning everything with a pinch of self-irony and humor.


As a daughter of a mother whos a great storyteller but a bad listener and a father whos a great listener but a bad storyteller, Alexandra Sips has learned to change observations into stories. She loves (Greek) myths and true stories. Her style is down to earth, yet multi layered.

Living an unconventional lifestyle as a professional gambler and cryptocurrency trader, James Huggett uses storytelling as a way to challenge audiences and shake them out of their complacent view of the world. Drawing on skills from public speaking, stand-up and improvisational comedy James tellings range from observational humour to serious political themes. With a mastery of English language and a sharp wit James is never boring with each sentence lean and crafted to create the maximum impact on the audience. He has an engaging and lively style with energetic body language.

Xi Zeng was born in Shanghai, and lived half of her life in China, and the other half in the Netherlands. From her middle age, she has tried different forms of acting until storytelling in Mezrab captured her, because this simplest form manifests the essence of life. She likes to serve the audiences the sweetness, the sourness, the bitterness, the spiciness and the saltiness of our existence on the earth and beyond, and explores how the ancient Chinese philosophy can make modern life more enjoyable.

Berber Hidma is a storyteller who has lived a thousand lives. She has studied law, philosophy and theater and has traveled the world without a single dime. Along her way she discovered the power of stories. She has a daring way to mix true stories with myths, legends and live music.