Project subsidies

The AFK has two schemes for supporting projects and programmes:

• Professional Arts Scheme
• Cultural Participation Scheme

Who can apply?

Professional artists, amateur artists and cultural organisations from all disciplines. The project or programme to be carried out must take place in Amsterdam, either partially or entirely.

For what?

Professional Arts

The Professional Arts Scheme focuses on creating and presenting artistic and cultural projects and programmes, in all artistic disciplines and all the possible hybrids between those disciplines. Organizers of Arts in Public Spaces and the Development Budget for the development of professional working artists are also covered by this scheme.

Cultural Participation

The Cultural Participation scheme is intended for projects and programmes which are primarily focused on cultural participation or which promote active participation in the arts and culture. Qualifying projects and programmes focus on the amateur arts and/or talent development, and broaden the support for culture. Activities within schools do not qualify for funding.

Organizers of Arts in Public Spaces

For art in public spaces, the AFK offers the possibility for organizers or commissioners to apply for special funding.  Businesses may submit applications for this type of subsidy, although they are excluded from other types of funding. One condition is that the requested amount cannot exceed the contribution that is made available by the applicant, either from the business’s own contribution and/or contribution(s) from third parties. More information on this in The Guide for Organizers of Arts in Public Space (only available in Dutch). Please note: this guide contains recommendations only, and is not meant as a legally binding protocol.

Necessary Criteria

For the project subsidies at the AFK, the same criteria apply as described in 2013-2016 Professional Arts Scheme and the 2013-2016 Cultural Participation Scheme. You need to prove:

• Substantive artistic quality
• Appropriate commercial quality
• Audience reach, or an ability to reach a varied target group
• Importance to the City of Amsterdam

Submitting an application

Applications for the Professional Arts and Cultural Participation Schemes may be submitted at any time throughout the year. You will receive a reply within 13 weeks.

Project Subsidies Checklist

Would you like to know if you qualify for funding? Or which scheme fits your project or programme of activities best? Click on the Project Subsidies Checklist here.

Drop-in Consultations

If you have never received a subsidy from the AFK before, and would like to submit an accelerated application: see if you qualify for a Drop-in Consultation (Spreekuur).

Other Possibilities

In addition to regular projects subsidies, the AFK also offers development grants for artists, and programme subsidies for organisations. Not-for-profit associations and foundations in the field of the amateur arts can submit an annual application for a Waarderingssubsidies (Basic Subsidies for Amateur Organizations).

Other Forms of Funding

In addition to grants or subsidies from the AFK, there are other ways to finance projects: for example through the crowdfunding platforms (voordekunst and Cinecrowd), through a loan from the "Amsterdam Cultural Loan" or through contributions from other funds.

The Documents you will need can be found here

As of 1 October 2015, there have been some changes made to the schemes mentioned below.

Download the 2013-2016 Professional Arts Scheme
Download the 2013-2016 Cultural Participation Scheme

For further information please see Frequently Asked Questions - One-off subsidies