Overview of subsidies

The AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) offers a variety of subsidy possibilities to cultural organisations and artists. The AFK supplies financial contributions to both professionals and amateurs, and supports both experimentation and proven quality – within all disciplines. Click on the different possibilities below for additional explanation.

Multi-year Subsidies

For cultural organisations who are looking for support for more than one year, there are schemes for four-year subsidies and schemes for two years subsidies. These possibilities from the AFK are part of the Municipality of Amsterdam’s 2017-2020 Kunstenplan (Arts and Culture Memorandum).

Four-year subsidies
Two-year subsidiesTwo-year subsidies Amateur Art

One-off Subsidies

The AFK offers one-off subsidies for organisations and artists who desire a more flexible form of support. There are Project Subsidies for the professional arts and the amateur arts, as well as developmental help for professional artists and Waarderingssubsidies (Basic Subsidies for Amateur Organizations). Subsidies for innovative projects for institutions already receiving a four-year subsidy are also covered by this scheme, which is a component of the 2017-2020 Kunstenplan (Arts and Culture Memorandum).

Please note: Some of the AFK’s regulations, as well as some general information about the AFK, have been made available in English, and an application may be submitted in English.
However, all correspondence regarding the application process will be conducted in Dutch. In the event of any ambiguities or discrepancies between the Dutch and English versions, the Dutch text shall prevail.

If there should be any changes in the AFK's regulations, then the most recent version of the regulations will apply.

Project Subsidies
Development Budget
Programme Subsidies
Project subsidies for Innovation
Amateur Subsidies

Would you like to know if you qualify for a subsidy? Or which scheme fits best with your initiative? Click on the Project Subsidies Checklist.