Jungmyung Lee

Graphic designer Jungmyung Lee (Seoul, 1984) studied Industrial Design between 2004 and 2010 at the Hongik University in Seoul. In 2010, Lee moved to Helsinki to follow a Master of Graphic Design programme at the Aalto University. In 2013, she began her second master at the Werkplaats Typografie at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. The aim of this Master’s program is to help talented students set up an independent design practice. Lee capped off this programme in 2015 with the presentation of Jungka, a typeface developed jointly with Dutch designer Karel Martens.

Since her graduation, Jungmyung Lee has worked as a freelance graphic/type designer under the name Jung-Lee Type Foundry with a focus on typography and project-based performances. In addition, Lee has since 2010 been a member of the  Helsinki Type Studio. Jungmyung Lee's work is frequently shown both nationally and internationally, and her most recent exposition was Dialogues in WOW Amsterdam.

Publishing Coalition

Lee is part of the Publishing Coalition which is made up of Mevis & Van Deursen, If I Can't Dance, the Sandberg Institute and AGA LAB. They state: ‘Jungmyung Lee was able to impress the Coalition with her idiosyncratic and original method of working. In her work, the emphasis is placed on form. Her formal language is expressive, spontaneous and adventurous. Her decisions produce an apparent discrepancy between form and content, which her projects place under tension in a positive way.