Tess van Zalinge

Photo by Team Peter Stigter
Collectie Geschapen land | Landschap Photo by Martijn Nekoui
“Campaign Status Quo Ante"; Photo by; Petrovsky & Ramone, Models; VDM, MUA; Iraj Raghosing
Photo by Team Peter Stigter

Fashion designer Tess van Zalinge (1989, Utrecht) graduated cum laude from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2012 with her collection, The same old lines. In this first collection, she placed the focus on the possibility of creating one’s own identity.  The central question is not 'who am I?’ but 'who do I want to be?' The result was lingerie and fashions containing elements of Dutch folklore and colourful African culture.

Immediately following her graduation, van Zalinge went to work as a freelance fashion designer. She has worked for such organizations as Laura Dols, Jogha and Santa Chè. In 2014 she was part of the MOAM collective for the HEMA. 

Tess van Zalinge established her own label in 2015, with remarkable success. In January 2016 van Zalinge debuted with her second collection Geschapen Land| Landschap as part of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Geschapen Land | Landschap is similar to her first collection in that van Zalinge returns to themes like identity or associations with terms such as 'enterprising' and 'polder model.' These are all concepts which come to mind when people think of the Netherlands. The resulting collection was full of soft prints and angular lines, and yet despite its abstract character, echoes of the Dutch landscape can clearly be recognized.

Fashion Coalition

This year, Tess van Zalinge will add her participation in 3PackageDeal to this already illustrious start. Van Zalinge is part of the Fashion Coalition which is made up of the HTNK, the Rietveld Academie, MOAM, Amsterdam Fashion Week the Netherlands, and the Fashion Council. The Fashion Coalition prizes the diversity and versatility of her work. Tess van Zalinge will use the coming year to set up a production line and expand her creative collection.