Another Shot

10 september 2023 — 13 september 2023

Enter the realm of storytelling through "Another Shot," a captivating narrative presented by Marijn. Following a life-altering accident at 17, Marijn found himself grappling with partial paralysis. As he reflects on his life's journey, he navigates the quest for meaning within a seemingly random universe. Just as he thought he had underscored the profound importance of stories in shaping our perceptions and paths, an unforeseen turn shatters his clarity.

Will Marijn manage to rediscover meaning, or is he destined to descend into the abyss of cynicism, lost within an indifferent cosmos?

Written & performed by Marijn Maas
Directed by Fer Rodil
Produced by Basak Layic

Sign Language Interpreter
In collaboration with Amsterdam Fringe we would like to make our show accessible for the deaf/hard of hearing community or others that might require a sign language interpreter. This will be English to NGT. Would you like to go to a show with a sign language interpreter, please email us at:

Het AFK ondersteunt Another Shot met een projectsubsidie.

Datum: 10-09-2023 t/m 13-09-2023
Locatie: Tolhuistuin
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