Cello from West to East

16 december 2023

Playing cello solo classics from Bach & Britten, and contemporary works inspired by them - Cello from West to East is a crossover performance with cello solo, contemporary dance, and walking art.

Immerse yourself in a unique art experience, walking through all-time cello classics from the 18th century, the 20th century, to contemporary works from the eastern gaze.

The music includes movements from Bach Cello Suite No.1, Britten Cello Suite No. 1, and two contemporary works reimagining the cello solo classics by two Taiwanese female composers.

Het AFK ondersteunt Cello from West to East met een projectsubsidie.

Datum: 16-12-2023
Locatie: Mediamatic
Meer informatie: https://chamberxchamber.org/cello-from-west-to-east/