19 oktober 2023 — 20 oktober 2023

Ekatā, the Sanskrit word for unity, is a multi-sensory interactive installation, combining light, scent, sound and movement. The installation consists of multiple sensors detecting data from the visitors’ motions that trigger scent dispensers, sound and visuals.

Contemporary artist and electronic music composer Gizem Öz, together with audiovisual designer Wes Broersen and spatial sound engineer Marijn Cinjee, bring the work to life with an artistic focus on our sensory being in the world, how humans are connected to their environments and from there, how life is created.

Ekatā is inspired by Gizem Öz’s practice in Transcendental Meditation (TM) through which she experienced glimpses of elevated awareness. As a body-mind practice, TM distinguishes 7 states of consciousness of which the first three are part of our everyday experience. The latter four stages of consciousness rarely experienced in daily life are presented in Ekatā as a four-part (audiovisual and scent) composition. This emphasizes Ekatā as an exploratory installation; a space for deepening our understanding of reality and of life.

Het AFK ondersteunt 'Ekatā' met een projectsubsidie.

Datum: 19-10-2023 t/m 20-10-2023
Locatie: Door Open Space (NDSM)
Meer informatie: https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/en/program/2023/door-open-space-presents-ekata%CC%84-by-gizem-%C3%B6z/2146085/