Expositie: woman loving women

2 augustus 2023 — 31 augustus 2023

The exhibition “woman loving women” features new paintings by Suzy Faiz that explore lesbian representation in the double portrait genre from 20th century Europe.

“As a lesbian feminist and a painter, I want to find myself reflected in art history and contemporary society. I have realised my need for a complete re-education of culture and society through a queer lens and know this is a feeling shared by the queer community. For this reason, I pay tribute to the female and gender non-conforming artists from an earlier period that dared to reflect their sexuality in their work.”

The opening will take place on Wednesday 2nd August 17:00 – 20:00. The exhibition will remain for the month of August.

Het AFK ondersteunt woman loving women met een projectsubsidie.

Datum: 02-08-2023 t/m 31-08-2023
Locatie: Bar Pif
Meer informatie: https://www.instagram.com/suzy.faiz/