If you begin to feel the house catching at you

Poster by Nicolai Schmelling
Poster by Nicolai Schmelling
13 oktober 2023 — 22 oktober 2023

A solo exhibition by artist Feline Hjermind, presented by NEVERNEVERLAND.

Exhibition opening: Friday 13th of October 19.00-22.00
On display: Saturdays and Sundays 14th-22nd of October 13:00-17:00

We are used to domestic spaces being designed for us to inhabit, but what happens when houses become moody main characters rather than backgrounds? 

If you begin to feel the house catching at you is a new animated video installation by artist Feline Hjermind. With flickering tracings and ornamented strokes, It examines the “haunted house” as a fiction trope. The viewer is invited to peep over fences and through windows, but who is watching whom?

With music and sound design by Juho Nurmela

Feline Hjermind (DK,1993) is a crafter of moving images, engaged in shaping a unique visual language, an audiovisual handwriting. Maintaining a frivolous yet critical approach to popular image culture, Hjermind develops ways of animating: bringing life and character to static images and rigid concepts.

Het AFK ondersteunt 'If you begin to feel the house catching at you' met een projectsubsidie.

Datum: 13-10-2023 t/m 22-10-2023
Meer informatie: https://www.nevernever.nl/