Low-Budget Projects

3 december 2023

Join us on 3 December, 12:00-18:30 at Framer Framed for the full-day event Low-Budget Projects: How much does it cost —? where participants can explore together with Gatari Surya Kusuma, Gizem Üstüner, vo ezn and Karl Moubarak how to employ financial tools for crisis resolution beyond mere credit distribution.

Financial limitations often play a significant role in crises, sometimes even serving as a primary cause or catalyst. However, despite their evident role in creating problems, money doesn’t always offer a direct solution to the underlying challenges.

In the session Low-Budget Projects: How much does it cost —? participants will explore together how to employ financial strategies for resolving crisis beyond mere credit distribution. By unpacking real-life precarious scenarios, the workshop will analyse the possibilities of using money to address a crisis it may have contributed to, navigate financial challenges in collective cultural practices, and engage in fluid payment systems while embracing flexibility in spreadsheets.

Low-Budget Projects presents a full-day event inviting artists, designers, and cultural practitioners who navigate their practice with diverse financial allocation methods and are actively involved in precarious collective cultural labour. A special welcome is extended to participants outside the EU dealing with the complexities of European Union and Dutch policies.

tomorrow is a new day
12:00 – 15:00
with Gatari Surya Kusuma and Gizem Üstüner

An invitation for all resilient cultural practitioners who confront their daily challenges but are determined not to restrict their aspirations. This session will focus on the achievements and failures of two friends in the past six months, and unpack their creative story on project and budget planning to persuade various funding bodies to support their travels between two countries. 

protocols for collective fiscal dissent
15:30 – 18:30
with vo ezn and Karl Moubarak

 A session dedicated to collective fiscal dissent and dreaming—a space to express the challenges of financial sustainability within collective cultural practices. In this session, we'll talk about the complexities and pains of collaborative projects, exploring the potential for fluidity, asymmetry, and flexibility in collective payment systems and spreadsheets.

**A special welcome is extended to participants outside the EU dealing with the complexities of European Union and Dutch policies.

Datum: 03-12-2023 
Locatie: Framer Framed
Meer informatie: https://framerframed.nl/en/projecten/workshop-low-budget-projects-how-much-does-it-cost/