reclame #6

21 oktober 2023 — 31 oktober 2023

The Dunkin Donuts ‘Munchkins’ are small round bites of dough that come in all kinds of flavours. First sold as ‘Donut Holes’ in the 70s, they were marketed as left overs from the removed centres of the doughnuts. As a child, I believed this story to be true, an ingenious way to reduce food waste, and as it turns out, it was.
Some time ago, I stood in a store holding a broken piece of their display that I wanted to take home with me, wondering if to take it would be an act of stealing, or if it would be possible to buy something that is not for sale. Can we buy the bone before the meat? With Hole Hold Whole, we attempt to celebrate the valuable waste, the discarded matter and the donut holes, and we cherish this absent space where nothing becomes something in a store that appears to sell everything.

Eleni Papazoglou is a Greek artist working with languages of value and exchange. With a background in graphic design, she uses instruction-led processes, subversion, cut & paste methods to make assemblages, performances, site specific interventions and books. They are a co-founder of the nomadic project space On Wheels, a space dedicated to exploring what it means to be in public, and they practice graphic design under the alias Call Your Friends. Eleni is a lecturer at the London College of Communication, UAL.

Tabakshuis is a corner shop that sells convenient products, cold drinks, cigarettes, newspapers and stationery items. Many thanks to the owner Buick Ismaili for hosting us.

reclame is a project space initiated by artist Lisa Sudhibhasilp that physically limits itself to a street advertisement board. Artists and designers are invited to react to this peculiar presentation context, the display conditions and the public of walkers-consumers. reclame is interested in practices that challenge the culture of advertisement and the notion of merchandise.

Opening 21 October 17:00-21:00


Het AFK ondersteunt Lisa Sudhibhasilp met een Stipendium.

Datum: 21-10-2023 t/m 31-10-2023
Locatie: Tabakshuis Weesperplein (Sarphatistraat 65)
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