The Matrix - Improvised Theatre

23 november 2023 — 25 november 2023

Our latest main stage production The Matrix is a cyberpunk theater performance with live music and artificial intelligence. Every night, this performance will tell a brand new story inspired by the blockbuster movie trilogy The Matrix. Directly in front of the eyes of the audience, this action-packed show will explore the tension between A.I. and the creativity of the improv actor.

Tickets are € 17,50 and are for sale via the website. 

The show is directed by Laura Doorneweerd-Perry.
Actors: Gael Doorneweerd-Perry, Jenny Hasenack, Niharika Iyengar, Robyn Berk, Tanine Dunais
Musicians: Amanda Tse, Guido Boogaard, Xico Ribas
AI: Rosanne Eschweiler-Soest
Set & styling: Christianna Tsigkou

Het AFK ondersteunt The Matrix theatervoorstelling met een projectsubsidie via Mijn Eerste Aanvraag. 

Datum: 23-11-2023 t/m 25-11-2023
Locatie: Treehouse NDSM
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