Foto: Matthijs Immink
Foto: Matthijs Immink
16 november 2023 — 19 november 2023

Unfair, an artist-led art fair, was founded in 2012 by three artists who wanted to improve the cultural infrastructure in the Netherlands. We have been dedicated to promoting emerging contemporary artists for over a decade, working with over 250 artists in more than 30 events. Our collaborations with these artists form the backbone of our platform, which aims to create connections, curate and promote the next generation of leading artists. By putting the artist first, we strive to create a fair art community where people can discover and buy art directly from the maker. We have received praise from artists, cultural professionals, collectors, curators, and writers for our approach, which is based on collaboration rather than competition.

UNFAIR23 is a jubilee edition, celebrating our 10 year anniversary since our first event. This year our event will be bigger, hosting over 60 artists, and will focus specifically artists who graduated in challenging times. It celebrates the resilience of artists, who are often at the forefront of major social change. They know how to build up their practices, to put leading works of art in the world, often on their own and against the tide. Whether it’s the banking crisis after 2008 or the recent corona crisis; this year we celebrate artists and their persistence, resilience and imagination. So that we may look back in 10 years and see that the youngest generation of makers have left their mark on the times.

Het AFK ondersteunt UNFAIR met een vierjarige subsidie.

Datum: 16-11-2023 t/m 19-11-2023
Locatie: Gashouder Westergas
Meer informatie: https://unfair.nl/programme/